Health Risk Assessments, & Corporate Wellness Programs

Many physicians use our patient friendly graphic health risk assessments to screen and to motivate existing patients within their practice to make lifestyle changes. Our corporate wellness programs, health screenings, lectures and health fairs are effective ways to deliver individualized screenings & presentations on power points in group settings which are much more individualized than general lectures. This usually will motivate individuals to become more receptive and want to learn more about making lifestyle changes.

Corporations, small business owners and municipalities are looking for ways to decrease health care costs, motivate staff, and improve employee employer relationships. Recently, corporate nutrition & wellness programs have become very popular with local health care practitioners, since onsite health fairs or seminars reaches a significant number of individuals with zero marketing costs & corporations are paying professionals to educate their employees..

riskWe provide the introductory letters, proposals, pricing, articles, program flyer, posters, order forms, marketing samples and tools necessary to provide corporate wellness programs, lectures, health fairs and health screenings.

Our health risk appraisals & medical risk appraisals consist of very detailed consumer friendly, color graphic reports that explain lifestyle and genetic risk factors to patients that can be generated by your assistant. These reports graphically show areas for improvement. These powerful screening tools motivate patients to change and are considered preventative medicine counseling. These tools have been proven to be effective at generating referrals into health care practices.


Medical Risk Analysis – Examples of Reports Range 1-12 Pages – Your Choice

Sample Health Risk Questionnaire pdf