View Video for Demonstration – Test takes less than 1 minute Science, Validation and References

Dr. Robert Girandiola Primary Clinical Investigator

The initial studies were performed at the University of Southern California, using the hydro-static under water weighing tank, which is considered the gold standard for accuracy in measuring body composition analysis. DEXA is now considered the gold standard and the accuracy of the Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic analyzer is comparatively accurate.

Published Data “A Simple And Accurate Method For the Clinical Diagnosis Of Obesity” R.N. Girandola, Ed.D., S. A. Contarsy, M.A. R.A. Wiswell, Ph.D., and Raul Artal, M.D. Department of Exercise Science, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0652 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology SUNY Health Science Center, Syracuse Medical Center Syracuse, NY 13210.

Mathematical algorithms were developed, correlating the electrical impedance to the hydro-static tank and the data was published in medical journals such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


How It Works

Electrodes are placed on the patient’s right hand and foot and a small current of electricity is sent through the body and the impedance is measured. Muscle is 70-75% water so electricity flows quickly with less impedance and fat is 3-13% water so electricity flows slowly.

Christopher Fuzy MS, RD, LD Founder / Clinical Nutritionist and Assistant Performing Nutritional & Metabolic Assessment
Christopher Fuzy MS, RD, LD Founder / Clinical Nutritionist
and Assistant Performing Nutritional & Metabolic Assessment

View Video for Demonstration – Test takes less than 1 minute

The results suggest that the 4 electrode upper and lower impedance testing has a plus or minus 2% accuracy as compared to the hydro-static tank. Retest accuracy, retesting on the same patient is approximately plus or minus ½ % accuracy.

So for measuring change within the same patient it becomes an extremely useful and reliable tool

For example skin fold measurements:

  • Have a 6-8% inaccuracy with good technique – compared to hydrostatic tank
  • requires 6-8 skin fold locations for accuracy
  • patient has to partially disrobe
  • requires good investigator technique
  • not as accurate for retesting on same patient
  • takes approximately 10 minutes to perform evaluation and calculations.

The limitations with body fat scales or hand held devices are that these devices only measure upper or lower impedance, not total body impedance – which is a problem with apple or pear shaped body types.


Since some individuals place their weight in their abdominal area and others in their gluteal area measuring only upper or lower body impedance has its limitations with accuracy.

Accuracy & reliability is the primary reason we use a 4-electrode upper & lower electrical impedance analyzer, combined with the Lifestyle Nutrition Meal plan software.

Please remember that BMI is only a height and weight relationship and that using lean muscle weight and the patient’s metabolic rate and activity level is a much better way to give the correct amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat to manage their blood sugars, energy level, hunger, appetite, cravings, or fatigue throughout the day.

The Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Analyzer and meal plan software will correlate the correct amount of food based on your metabolic rate, resting energy expenditure, activities of daily living, calories burned by anaerobic and aerobic exercises, based on the patients lean body weight

Body Composition

The key to our nutritional program is to give the correct amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats which is a sliding scale meal plan which is based on the individuals height, weight, age, sex, lean muscle mass and calories burned by aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Metabolic Recommendation


The Lifestyle Nutrition Program can be considered an anti-aging, disease prevention, blood sugar management program that promotes muscle gain and fat loss while controlling appetite and decreasing blood sugar spikes and cravings. By teaching your patient to manage their blood sugar levels adequately the Lifestyle Nutrition Program is interpreted by your patients as a positive uplifting life experience.

Our goal is to advance your practice nutritionally so you can become a more effective health care provider, generating significant revenues and an abundance of new patient referrals, while creating loyal, happy, healthy referring patients and setting you apart from other doctors in your community.